vidrio textura/impreso con colores

Glass Description

☆ Patterned glass is a translucent figured glass which allows transmission of daylight, while obscuring visibility of object. It is manufactured by the Roll-Out-Process, whereby a roller imprints the pattern onto the glass surface.
☆ Numerous patterns are available to meet the needs of decorations
☆ The Patterns are able to soften the light in a space, and to curtain the visibility through it at a suitable angle.

Glass Patterns

Aqualite, Bamboo, Chinchilla, Diamond, Flora, Galaxy, Kasumi, Hishicross, May Flower, Masterlinge, Matrix, Millenium, Mistlite, Morgan-II, Moru-II, Nashiji, Mink, Oceanic, Puzzle(Karatachi),  Raindown etc.


☆ Furniture & show shelves
☆ Areas where visual screen is required, like bathrooms, doors and windows
☆ Decorative illuminations