Safety Mirror

Safety Mirror is  also called Vinyl backed safety mirror,  Vinyl backed mirror, vinyl backed mirror glass, safety backed mirror,, safety backed mirror glass, safety backe glass mirror, etc.

 Vinyl backed safety mirror is produced by attaching an adhesive protective plastic film on the back of mirror.It can prevent people from being hurt while mirror is breaking(broken)by accident. Almost all safety mirrors are produced with silver mirror; for an alternative, it also can be made of aluminum mirror. 

Thickness: 3mm to 6mm;

Type of backing:

CAT I  -- white PE glossy film;

CAT II  -- white PP woven fabric film; 

 Applications – Indoor use only   

1)Sliding doors


3)Mirror cabinets


5)Fitness club, Gym, or other public areas;

6)Any places where you use common silver mirror, you can also use safety mirror;