Antique mirror

We make Antique Mirroring easy, with variety, color, and endless options.

We have a wide selection of antique mirror ranging from the traditional to vibrant colored patterns and one of a kind art pieces. From the ordinary to the truly unique and spectacular if you are looking for antique mirror, we have your choice. Our made to order approach combined with in house fabrication creates exceptional value and design flexibility. From stock sheets, to hand rubbed 3D custom patterns and digital imaging on the mirror we can provide the exact custom look you need.

Precision fabrication, safety lamination and a 10 year warranty are all standard. Simply let us know what you want and we will work hand in hand with you to achieve the look you are seeking and meet all safety requirements. Give us your request and see how easy it is to get the right antique mirror for your project.

1. In communal areas in office or apartment blocks: entrance halls, lifts or landings
2. In shopping centers and retail stores
3. In bars, restaurants, clubs, theatres
4. In public buildings, offices, hotel ,shopping centers ,KTV etc.
5. To be used as framed or unframed mirrors
6. For paneling on walls, doors, pillars, such as TV background wall ,sliding door
7. In furniture tables, cupboard doors, shelves etc.